U of T Sports Hall of Fame List

Kirk Wipper - 1948, Physical and HealthEducation; 1950, Social Work; 1959, Master of Education; 1961, Master of Arts

Kirk Wipper has made a major contribution to Varsity athletics as a student-athlete, coach, teacher and administrator. He was captain of the Wrestling team, undefeated in individual competition, helped the Blues to win 3 league championships and later served as coach for 6 seasons. He also had extensive intramural participation for University College and PHE. 

Wipper joined the faculty of the School of Physical and Health Education in 1950, and his active involvement with Varsity athletics included service as faculty supervisor of Rugby and Track and Field, and coach of Blues Cross Country team. He was Chair of the UofT Athletics Council from 1983-87 and received the Loudon Award in 1987. 

Recognized as a pioneer in the development of outdoor education in Canada, Wipper founded (1955) the Kanawa International Museum of Canoes, Kayaks and Rowing Craft, the world's largest collection of water craft. He is a Fellow of Explorers International and a recipient of the Government of Canada Centenary Medal and the Ontario Bicentennial Medal. Since retiring from the University in 1987, Wipper has served as President of the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada and National Director of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Canada. all coach from 1965-71, and was also an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical and Health Education. As a student-athlete, he played on the Blues championship teams in intermediate Football (1957) and senior Hockey (1957-59). He received a Gold T award and the Men's T-Holders' Association Biennial Dinner in 1982. 

The Order of St John itself is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown with 25,000 members around the world.

Kirk Wipper holds a number of degrees: a Bachelor of Phys. Ed., Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Arts, and Master of Education from the University of Toronto, a Doctor of Museology from Wolfe University and The Order of St John. He also ran an excellent TV series for CBC named, ‘Walk with Kirk.
University of Toronto awards the “Kirk A.W. Wipper Award ” for outstanding students.
Due to his great contribution to Canada, he was awarded her highest honor–”Order of Canada” in 2002. And the Order of Ontario in 2003

The Order of St John itself is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown with 25,000 members around the world.


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Professor Emeritus Kirk A.W. Wipper (4T8) was an outstanding leader in the field of outdoor education who developed and led outdoor projects portion of curriculum for many years. The award is given to a third or fourth-year student who demonstrates, leadership, willingness to help others, a concern for the natural environment and enthusiastic involvement in the outdoor projects. The recipient is entitled to attend an additional outdoor project at no expense.